You planet is doomed!

Nothing can save you now except your feeble witts, so you'd better do something!

Quick! You must escape to the moonbase where it is surely safe.


Bad Spaceship is a game in development by

At this point, it's planned to be a mashup of our favorite games, except with all the problems gone (ideally).

How does it work?

You must survive a sequence of catastrophic scenarios, stretching across your solar system. Each scenario presents as a minigame of a different genre. You may need to race on foot or in a vehicle, you may need to build or destroy things, you may need to solve a puzzle...

As a lemming you must complete various tasks that need doing "for the greater good", well, specifically your own good. You're basically a red-shirt in a mosh pit, climbing over your comrades to survive at all costs.

Eventually you gain enough experience and reputation to take a more important role in your society: scheming to acquire more material wealth. This is ultimately accomplished by packing as many potential survivors onto spaceships as possible, in hopes of someday farming their labor for your guacamole fund.

We're not allowed to talk about the people higher up...


Bad Spaceship is fundamentally a game about chasing that unatainable "something" missing from all the other video games. Our rather, running from all the problems that modern gaming has produced. Stuff that annoys us, like:

  • Competitive advantages as reward for competitive success. It's like a runaway chain reaction of oppression for anyone just trying to enjoy a game. There's basically two schools of thought: Call of Duty and Mariokart. In Call of Duty, the longer you play, the more advantageous guns you unlock, and when you get enough kills in a row, you unlock "kill streaks" that seal your victory with air support, etc. In Mariokart, everyone starts every game with very similar circumstances, and the further from the lead you get, the better items you get to help you catch up. We might prefer Mariokart? Something to think about...
  • Sniping while strafing. It's just not a thing. Keeping your upper body perfectly stable while your feet wildly move you back and forth in random directions? Moves like that would make Michael Jackson jealous. Instead, player movement is goverened by the laws of physics! 🤯
  • Memorizing maps and then camping in all the cheap spots. We all do it, but only because devs are too lazy to supply an infinite flow of new maps. That's why our maps our all procedurally generated. 👍
  • Getting penalized for just plain bad luck. That's why we have invented a system called Karma™, where all the bad things that happen to you are eventually balanced out by the good! 😇
  • The CANCER that is battle royale. Obviously, this game is nothing like battle royale. Any comparisons of this game to battle royale shall result in an immediate shadow-ban-hammering. Any apparent signs that shadow-ban-hammering is not actually happening is simply part of the intended illusion of shadow-ban-hammering. 🔨

...anyway, you get the idea.

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