Home Planet

On this stage, everyone starts out hanging out in their little apartment when the planet starts exploding. Unfortunately, the planet has kept all its spaceships in a (lava) flood plane (they're briefly shown being destroyed in the opening cutscene), so players will need to build a new one to escape.

The level is a big obstacle course that leads down to a spaceship build site. Along the way, the player will be prompted to scavenge for parts needed in the spaceship construction.

Items may include everyday household items:

  • Lawnchairs
  • Generators

Maybe this could be a bit like the game Overcooked. The parts will immediately be added to the spaceship as they are reached by players. If the players gather too many or not enough of certain parts, the construction of the spaceship will suffer.

The spaceship will take off at the last possible moment, leaving anyone caught behind to die in a flood of lava. As it takes off, meteors, tornadoes, and evasive manuevers of the ship's pilot will try to knock players off the over-crowded ship. The difficulty involved in overcoming these threats will be related to the ships construction. For example:

  • Not enough thrusters/fuel: The escape sequence will last longer, and evasive manuevers will be less graceful.
  • Not enough floor paneling: The ship will be overcrowded, making it easier to get bumped off.
  • Not enough walls and structural components: There will be less keeping you inside and the meteors tornadoes out.

...and so on.

Eventually, you'll escape the planets gravity, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.


You'll earn Karma whenever you gather parts for the spaceship, and also when you successfully escape the level.